FAQ, volume 1

Some questions have arisen about the book project. Below, a few answers.

— Why the hell are you writing a book? Fiction is dead and yours was never even alive to begin with.

Well, I believe there is a story that needs to be told that can only be told in novel form. The myriad “Is Conservatism Dead?” and “What’s wrong with conservatism” articles being put out there aren’t doing it. Perhaps a fictional narrative can succeed where these essays haven’t.

— What’s the book about?

It’s about debauchery, corrupt journalists, and the slow, agonizing inexorable death of what not too long ago was a vibrant intellectual movement.

— Who is publishing this?

Offers are being considered, even now. Publishers and agents are encouraged to get in touch with this writer. If you are in one of those sainted professions, we need to talk. The first draft should be done in a couple of months.

And now, back to blog dormancy.


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